29 Oct

70% of UK Lawyers More Stressed Than Ever

The contemporary office environment is busy, requiring and gradually unsure. Insolvencies, mergers and redundancies all contribute to the pressures that today’s workers need to deal with. As one of the world’s earliest occupations, law has actually long been appreciated as an extremely distinguished and, in lots of methods, satisfying profession course. In spite of this, 70% of attorneys state they’re task is more difficult than other whilst nearly 40% stated they wished for higher versatility at work.

It’s obvious that a pleased labor force produces an efficient labor force. And with research study into work environment health and wellbeing, fulfillment and basic joy at an all-time high, the pursuit of joy is something that staff members, in all markets, pursue with increasing eagerness.


It appears that for numerous legal representatives this pursuit is typically useless as the occupation suffers from worryingly high rates of fatigue, anxiety and even suicide.

What specifies joy for attorneys? And is it genuinely attainable?

In help of World Mental Health Day, the legal market’s nimble working leader, Keystone Law has actually commissioned a research study into lawyer health and wellbeing, with the goal of raising awareness of the pressures dealt with by the market – along with highlighting the advantages of higher versatility.

The outcomes are based upon a study of 300 legal experts, mainly partners and partners, from leading 50-100 law office throughout the UK.